Plant Life


Tropical rainforests have more than two thirds of all the plant species in the world.  Since this biome is a warm and humid one, there is a lot of variety in the kinds of plants that can live there and they have adapted to an environment where there is a lot of competition for survival. The plants need to compete for a low amount of light and food.  Some have found a way to grow on the branches of other plants so they can reach the sunlight higher up in the canopy.  Some have adapted to get food from the air itself.  Such unique ways of getting food and light wouldn't be possible in places where the air is much drier. In addition to providing shelter and food for the large number of animal species in the rainforest, the wide variety of plants found there also are part of the gas exchange necessary for life.  The carbon dioxide - oxygen exchange in the rain forest helps release most of the air's oxygen used throughout the world. (


Types Of Plants




-Buttress Roots


-Stilt/Prop Roots

-Caniverous Plants


-Strangler Fig


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