Tropical Rainforest Quiz


Multiple Choice 

1. Which animal lives in the tropical rainforest?

A) Polar bear    B) Tiger

C) Robin          D) Squirrel


2. What is the average temperature of a tropical rainforest?

A) 200 degreesF          B) 30 degreesF

C) 75 degreesF            D) 45 degreesF


3. The understory habitats a large amount of what type of animal?

A) Fish            B) Insects

C) Birds           D) Mammals


4. Which layer of the rainforest provides fruits, seeds, flowers, and leaves for many animals?

A) Emergent Layer       B) Forest Floor

C) Understory              D) Canopy




True or False

5.Tropical rainforests have more than two thirds of all the plant species in the world. 


6. The rate of destrution of the rainforests is about 84,000 square miles a year.


7. 50% of the world’s population of animals can be found in the rainforests.


8. The tropical rainforest biome is dry and has a moderate temperature.


Fill in the Blank 

9. The canopy blocks _________ from reaching the forest floor.


10.Rainforests are found close to the _________.




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